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“My self confidence has improved a lot since starting my coaching sessions with Linda Denise, my friends and acquaintances have definitely noticed the change. Since working with Linda, I have become clear about what I really want from a partner. She encouraged me to be my authentic self and provided coaching on how to project that image to others from the very beginning. She is good about calling me on my BS but also knows when to give me encouragement. I love all her tips on how to converse with potential dates over the various platforms (text, email, in-person, etc).” 

-Andrew C., New York City

“Linda Denise is a fairy godmother who helps you navigate the dating world. She provides a personalized coaching experience that has assisted me to have better judgment about the men I date and also curb my hard-core perfectionism that was getting in the way of my dating life (as well as other areas of my life, too!).”

-Olivia M., New York City


My Dating Story

Working full-time as a director in a Fortune25 multinational corporation, attending law school at night and a single mother to a college-aged son, I had a very busy life!

Although I considered myself to be happy, I could not help feeling that life would be that much sweeter shared with another person. It was not just the loneliness, (or the lack of great sex with a fun partner) it was the comfort and companionship that I longed for. It was knowing that someone cared about me and put me first in their life.

Aside from several long-term relationships, I’d had the odd date here and there, a few short-term relationships and dry spells in between. 

What I really wanted was to date someone that had long term potential.

The problem was, I was too busy to date! Not to mention a bit skeptical that the right person was even out there for me. Having had several negative experiences with online dating in the past, I was not keen to go down that road again.

Although I had good reasons to justify my aversion to online dating, there was actually a lot more to it than that. 

Deep down I felt I was not perfect enough and I did not believe I was loveable. Despite the fact I was otherwise healthy and active, I had things I did not love about myself.

I was 43 years old, never married, and I weighed almost 300 pounds. Not only that, but I still had underlying fears.

What if I do meet someone that I like and after investing myself in it, it does not work out? Or worse, what if I got hurt?

Maybe I should try to lose weight first? Or get my teeth fixed and have some work done to look younger!

Even if I did all that, where would I begin?

I could try online dating again but how would I know which site to use? There are so many different options.

Should I find a singles group? Then again, they can be quite expensive. That sounds like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not even a hay stack, but a needle in a hay field!!

Shouldn’t I wait for it to happen organically? If I do that, I might miss my “window”…after all, I’m only getting older.

Aside from all these things, where was I going to find the time for a search for love anyway? I literally HAD no extra time!

Even though I had not had great experiences in the past, I knew that online dating was going to be the best chance for me to meet the highest number of “potential” dates in the shortest amount of time. So, after some encouragement from my friends, I finally decided that if I was ever going to find love, I was going to have to just jump right in.

If I was going to fully invest myself and my time into this process, I was going to make it worthwhile. I already had a great life as a single and I wasn’t going to give that up to be miserable in a mediocre relationship! I knew I was going to have to approach my search for love with a different mindset.

Then it hit me!

What if I approached my search like a project at work? What if I actually used my project management skills to create a framework for dating?! That way I could take control of my dating experience.

I resolved then and there to create a plan and stick to it. Learning and improving along the way. If after three months I was not having good or at least “better” dating experiences, I would pause and regroup. I would approach my plan like a part-time job, albeit a fun one with a fabulous potential payday at the end!

I was excited at the thought of creating and implementing my dating plan but where would I find the time to implement it?

Once again I would have to draw on my professional skills to find the time, using time management techniques to reorganise and prioritise my time without impacting any of my existing commitments.

So, before I even went online, I created a specific process for myself, that not only ensured I was ready for love in every aspect of my life but also ensured I stayed consistent with my relationship goals whilst projecting myself authentically. Once I had developed my plan, I was ready to begin my search.

This time I had so much more clarity on what I wanted and on what I needed.

After I started to implement my plan, I began to discover new dating opportunities with men in my area and was also connecting with men in other states. The whole experience had become so much more enjoyable! The challenge was being consistent in sticking to the plan. Not getting side-tracked with “bad boys” or men who looked good on the outside but did not match what I wanted in other areas.

Sure, there was still some trial and error. What was obvious though, was that the “errors” occurred almost always when I was not following my plan.

After just three weeks of implementing my dating plan, I met Rick. Rick was a successful, funny, and intriguing man. What followed was an exciting, adventurous, and meaningful courtship.

Needless to say, my dating plan worked and I am proud to say I have now been married to Rick, the man I did not even know to dream of, for ten years. Our marriage has been full of compassion, laughter, great conversation (and sometimes respectful arguments) as well as a deep abiding understanding of another human being.

This partnership has exceeded my dreams of what love with a partner would be, as together we navigate our way through the ups and downs of life.

I am thrilled that I now get to share my proven dating plan strategy with others who are looking to find lasting love and enjoy their dating experiences along the way.

I have been able to take all my years of sharing my dating plan strategy with others and surprisingly enough, the skills I had developed as a litigation attorney, to create a dating coaching plan that works!

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~ Linda